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Medical Guardian BBBSince 2005 Medical Guardian has been providing reliable and high quality medical alert devices to seniors and other individuals who want the assurance of 24/7 access to medical support at all times. Their dedication to customer service, as well as quality control, have earned them the repuation of the best supplier of medical alert devices within the industry.

Competition-ChartThis highly coveted status is most likely due to their unconventional approach to marketing their device. You see, Medical Guardian clearly realizes the importance of their product to thousands of people who need to be sure that they can immediately receive medical assistance if it is required.  In view of this, they ensure that every person who needs such a device can easily acquire one with minimal expense and no obligations. When you buy the Medical Guardian emergency response system you are free of contractual obligations and there are no equipment costs or activation fees. To top it off, the product is shipped to the customer completely free of charge. So, in essence, an individual is able to get the best medical alert device with absolutely no expense apart from the $30 monthly fee.

Senior citizens who desire to preserve their independence, individuals with pre-existing health conditions or someone just wanting to be safeguarded from robberies, fires or other perils have all found the Medical Guardian to be an invaluable companion within their lives.

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