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Medical Guardian Portable Emergency Response System

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Medical Guardian Customer ServiceThe Medical Guardian portable emergency response system is ideal for anyone looking for a way to safeguard individuals from dangers of all sorts- whether it is falls, fires, break-ins or any other unforeseen peril. The ability to wear the Medical Guardian as a necklace or bracelet ensures that getting immediate help is conveniently within reach at all times. Once the button is pressed the medical alert device connects the wearer to the response center who can access the situation and dispatch assistance to the location. Through this invaluable service, individuals with limited mobility or other manageable health conditions are freed from needing to rely upon others so that they can enjoy independent living.


Medical Guardian CoverageThe beauty of the Medical Guardian is its extreme portability and ease of use. To activate the unit a person simply has to plug it in and connect it to any available telephone jack. Once these two simple steps are completed the person will have assistance instantly available at the mere push of a button. Best of all, the Medical Guardian boasts complete coverage within the United States and can therefore be enjoyed no matter where you may be. In other words, if a person goes on vacation, decides to visit friends or family or even move somewhere else within the country they do not have to part with their access to medical assistance at any time during their transition. This fantastic feature is the epitome of a hassle-free experience!

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Competition-ChartSince 2005 Medical Guardian has remained a top provider of medical alert devices to individuals wanting to preserve their independence while not compromising their safety. Of course, as expected from a top rated BBB company, Medical Guardian goes above and beyond the call of duty. They provide their users with 24/7 access to their US based medical response center operators who are all trained and certified in emergency response. Their customer service and product reviews are “off the charts” and most definitely account for their long standing reputation and credibility within the sector. These factors, joined with the extreme affordability, have made peace of mind and protection a reachable feat for anyone looking to enjoy extended independence.

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Medical Guardian DealThe ability to enjoy this level of protection and security without any expense apart from spending roughly $1 per day is unprecedented within the field. When a person buys the Medical Guardian they are able to acquire the medical alert device without spending money on activation or start-up fees. As well, there are no contracts which bind the user to obligated payments. In other words, if a Medical Guardian customer decides to stop using the service they need simply cancel without worry of contractual obligations. In comparison, an individual living in a low cost assisted living facility could expect monthly rent to start at $3000. As you can see, the Medical Guardian not only insulates its users from lost independence but also from worries associated with the large financial burdens of assisted living.


Medical Guardian TestimonialWhen it comes to protecting our aging loved ones from danger then it is imperative to take a proactive approach rather than allowing procrastination to invite inherent dangers into their lives. The stakes are just too high to gamble with the lives which we cherish- especially when the Centers for Disease Control show that 33% of seniors will experience a fall in any given year.


Make the choice to preserve independence while not needing to sacrifice safety by getting the Medical Guardian today. Don’t allow procrastination to let a peril get its “foot in the door”.

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